Libellula needhami

Libellula needhami, or Needham's skimmer, is a species of skimmer in the family of dragonflies known as Libellulidae.[2][3][4][5] It is found in the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States.[2]

The IUCN conservation status of Libellula needhami is "LC", least concern, with no immediate threat to the species' existence. The population is stable.[1][6]

The species is named after the American entomologist James George Needham.[7][8]


Males have a red face, while females have a brown or yellow face.[8]

This species can be separated from the very similar Libellula auripennis by the following:

  • their posterior (rear) wing veins do not become orange[8]
  • their costa changes color on opposite sides of the node: outer half is lighter, inner half is darker[9]
  • their hind tibia are brown, not black[9]


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Further reading

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